Why choose Chef?

Our mission is to make life easy. We keep things simple by designing appliances that take the fuss out of cooking so you can be free to focus on the things you love.

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An oven that cleans itself. Easy.

Our Easy Pyro Clean means fuss free and effortless cleaning. At the press of a button, the pyrolytic function means the oven reaches high temperatures and turns residue into ash – so all you need to do is gently wipe away.

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Touch on glass control

Our cooktops have easy to use touch on glass control for a seamless and more responsive cooking experience.

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60cm multi-function 7 oven with Easy Pyro Clean, black

  • Easy Pyro Clean
  • Quick Cook for rapid, high and even heat
  • Programmable timer

Transition to induction? Easy.

It’s an easy to transition from a electric cooktop to a Chef induction. If the rated input power of your current electric cooktop is 6.5kW* or less, you can easily upgrade to our induction cooktop with minimal fuss.

*We recommend contacting a licenced electrician to determine whether your home's existing electric service can support the appliance.

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Cook and live in comfort with clean rangehood filters. For optimum rangehood performance, your filters should be cleaned and replaced regularly. Learn more about rangehood filter maintenance here.

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